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Why exist? provide a wide range of English learning study materials (digital content) fully FREE to our visitors or users to learn English easily having been at there houses, offices or others. Education is full of fun and there is no require money or allowence charges to go to an institute and it is hassle free to learn English through our online platform.
It is our aim for Everyone -
1. Speak English Fluently.
2. Write English Properly.
3. Read English Correctly.
Teaching process has stayed the same for decades. The traditional teaching and offline education system are plagued with multiple inefficiencies. Our vision at is to reimagine and evolve the way teaching and learning have been happening for decades. By engaging content and superior technology we are able to create a superior learning experience for students and aid in their outcome improvement, which is unlike any offline experience. Teaching and learning are set to transform at a rapid pace and our mission at is to accelerate these transformations.

What is is India's leading Online tutoring platforn which provides students online contents fully FREE to learn English, Speak English, Write English and Read English easily.’s online tutoring platform enables LIVE interactive learning between a teacher and a student. It offers individual and group classes. On a teacher is able to give personalized teaching using two-way audio, video and whiteboarding tools where both teacher and student are able to see, hear, write and interact in real-time. Imagine it like 'Skype' custom made for education. Vedantu caters to 6th grade to 12th grade and prepares for school boards and competitive examinations as well.