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Application Writing

Edited by Sudipta Kumar Paul

Application - writing is, in fact, an art and this art is to be cultivated. An application is one of the important means of applying your prayer, or to inform about anything what has much more necessities to inform to heigher authority or others. Application should be written in simple, plain language so that it makes our application pleasant to read.

Classification of Application

Parts of Application

1. The Heading
The name and address of the person to whom the letter is written. চিঠি যাকে লেখা হয় তার নাম ও ঠিকানা ।
2.The Salutation
The words by which the address is addressed.
প্রাপকে সম্বোধন।
3. The Body
The subject- matter of the letter.
চিঠির বিষয় বস্তু।
4. The Subscription
The courteous leave - taking of the writer.
লেখকের সৌজন্য মূলক বিদায় গ্রহণ ।
5. The Superscription
The writer's address and date of writing the letter.
লেখকের ঠিকানা ও তারিখ।

Format of Personal Letter

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