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What is function of sentences?

The function of sentences is dependent upon the uses of a sententence in various aspect. One type of sentence is used to express in different types of expressions.

Kinds of Function of sentence

The function of sentences are eight in number-


The Function of Sentences-

1. Assertive
Giving information/Reporting The second Hooghly Bridge was inaugurated on October 10 in 1992.
Narrating He said that he was ill.
Describing There are rows of trees on both sides of the road.
Defining Fables are short tales usually with animal characters in them, but always with a moral.
Hesitating/Giving opinion not confidently I do not know what exactly he or she is.
Classifying Food substances may be classified into two broad groups-organic food and inorganic food.
Illustrating/ExemplifyingSome of the best science fiction writers are : H.G. Wells, Jules Verne and Arthur Clarke.
Stating cause His hard labour placed him to the high position.
Describing a process The preparation of butter goes through a number of steps.
Denying a fact No, I am all right.
Asserting a fact Yes, Sir, I am a book binder.
Expressing obligationI must go home
Supposing / Guessing If he comes, he may receive a hearty welcome.
ComparingIt is as black as coal.
Contradicting I do not worry but I cannot keep from thinking.
Apologizing/Confessing I beg your pardon, I have hurt your feelings.
Expressing abilityI can drive the car easily.
Expressing possibility He may come here today.
Giving permission You may sit in the parlour.
Appealing I pray to your kind self for granting me five days’ sick leave.
Asking information/Asking reason/Interrogating/Enquiring Why did you not go to to school yesterday?
Asserting a factThat was really a fun. Was not it?
Asking for opinion May I have your opinion on the book?
Asking for permission May I come in sir?
Requesting Could you please lend me your pen?
Challenging Who dares to defy me?
Expressing a doubtWho knows when the country will be free from corruption?
Confirming a doubt The science you have learnt is more or less the result of self-teaching, is not it, Mr.Paul?
Ordering/Commanding Go to home at once.
Requesting Please give me a glass of water.
Advising Do not give up hope, Mr. Das.
Suggesting/ProposingLet’s sit down here and talk the matter over.
Instructing To improve your English read as much as you can
Warning Be quiet or I shall punish you.
Threatening Get out or I shall break down your nose.
Permitting Go wherever you like but come back before evening.
ProhibitingDo not leave the place without permission.
Reminding Kindly remember me.
Wishing/Desiring Wish you good luck
Praying May God bless you.
Expressing joy Hurrah! We have won the match.
Expressing sorrow Alas! I lost my pen.
Expressing wonderWhat a nice bird it is!
Expressing pityPoor fellow! How changed you are.
Expressing disgustHow shabby the status is!
Encouraging Bravo! You have saved a nice goal
Greeting Hallo! How nice to meet you after years.
Farewell Good bye!/Good night! Hope we shall meet you again.