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What is Mood?

Mood is the mode or manner in which the action denoted buy the verb is represented.

Kinds of Mood

There are three moods in English :
1. Indicative
2. Imperative
And 3. Subjective.


Indicative Mood
1. Make a statement of fact :
Ram goes to school daily.
2. Ask a question:
Have you found your book?
Imperative Mood
1. Express a command :
Wait there.
2. Express an exhortation :
Be steady. Take care of your health.
3. Express an entreaty or prayer :
Have mercy upon us.
Subjective Mood
1. In certain traditional phrases, where it expresses a wish or hope :
Ex: God bless you! God save him.
2. In formal English, in noun clause dependent on a verb expressing desire, intention, resolution, etc.,-
It is suggested that a ring road be built to relieve the congestion.
3. After the verb wish, to indicate a situation which is unreal or contrary to fact :
I wish I were a millionaire.
4. After if, to express improbability or unreality in the present:
If I were you I should not do that.
5. After as if /as though, to indicate unreality or improbability:
He orders me about as if I were his wife.