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What is sentence?

A word or a group of words that makes a complete sense is called a sentence.

Formation of Sentence

Sentences may be single –worded and multi-worded with verbs and without verbs. Single-worded sentences and multi-worded sentences without verbs are often said in Spoken English.

Sentence is mainly classified in two types-
1. Single - Worded

(Ex: Yes. No. Come. Go. Stop. Halt. Thank etc.)

2. Multi-worded
With verbs Without verbs
Who is speaking?Mr. Roy
What’s the time now?Five minutes past ten.
Have you taken any sweets?Not at all
Will you take any?Why not.

Some other verb less sentences: 1. So what?
তাতে কি?
2. All right.
ঠিক আছে।



The part which names the person or thing we are speaking about is called the subject of the sentence.

The part which tells something about the subject is called the predicate of the sentence.

Most of sentences have two parts-
1. Subject
2. Predicate

A boyplayed football
Her teacher punished her.
He never stood second in the class.
Cow gives us milk.

Sometimes predicate or some parts of predicate is placed before the subject to emphasize the specific part of sentence.

Ex: Silver and gold have I none.
Sweet are the uses of adversity.

Subject is omitted in Imperative sentence.
Ex: Sit down.
Play now

Sometimes subject may be omitted in Assertive Sentence
Ex: Thank you(Subject I omitted)
Hope, you are well.(Subject I omitted)

One part of the predicate (verb or one part of verb) is placed before the subject in Interrogative Sentence
Ex: Are you a student?
Will you go to Cinema

One part of predicate May is placed before the Subject in a Optative Sentence.

Kind of Sentences

According to function
Sentence are of five kinds:

Assertive Sentence : A sentence that makes a statement or assertion is called a Declarative or Assertive Sentence.
Interrogative Sentence : A sentence that asks a question is called an Interrogative Sentence.
Imperative Sentence : A sentence that expresses a command or an entry is called an Imperative Sentence.
Optative Sentence : A sentence that expresses wish or prayer is called an Optative Sentence.
Exclamatory Sentence : A sentence that expresses strong feeling or emotion is called an Exclamatory sentence.

KindsExample Function
Assertive Ram is a good boyStatement
InterrogativeDoes he go to school? Question
ImperativeGo home at once.Command
OptativeMay God bless you.Prayer
ExclamatoryHurrah! We have won the match.Emotion
This 5 kinds of Sentences are classified in two types:
1. Affirmative Sentence:
2. Negative Sentence:
KindsAffirmative Negative
Assertive Ram is a good boy Ram is not a bad boy
InterrogativeDoes he go to school? Does he not go to school?
ImperativePut on uniform.Do not take off uniform .
OptativeMay she be happy.May she not be happy.
ExclamatoryHurrah! We have won the match. Hurrah! We have not lost the match.


Assertive , Interrogative , And Exclamatory take (.) but Interrogative takes (?) and Exclamatory takes note of exclamation(!) as a punctuation.