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English is an international language. Most of people through out the world speak English. And almost all over world use English as an office language as well as second language. Now we have reached the age of globalization. Chating, talking, dating and gossiping all are possible whenever you know English. It is a royal language and its grammar is so simple. So, English is widely regarded as a communicative medium for its simplicity.
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Spoken English

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It is very simple to speak English if you follow few steps---

Usage of I'm

I'm is an abbreviation for the word "I am. It is used in combination with other words to tell someone about yourself or to describe something you are doing.

"I'm busy."
"I'm happy."
"I'm excited ."
"I'm thirsty."
"I'm hungry."
"I'm tired."
"I'm sixteen years old."
"I'm nervous."
"I'm confused."
You can also add some descriptive words with "I'm" such as:
"I'm very busy."
"I'm extremely tired."
"I'm terribly hungry."
"I'm super excited ."