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What is Voice Change?

A voice is that form of verb which shows whether the subject does something or has something done to it.


A verb is in the active voice when its form shows that the person or thing denoted by the subject does something. The subject is the doer of the action. It is called active because the person denoted by the subject acts.


A verb is in the passive voice when its form shows that something is done to the person or thing denoted by the subject. The passive voice is so called because the person or thing denoted but the subject is not active but passive, that is, suffers or receives some action.
The passive voice is formed with the suitable tense of the verb be followed the past participle. These forms of verbs are shown in the following table :


Tense + baseActive voicePassive voice
Simple presenttake or takesam taken, is taken, are taken
Present continuousam taking, is taking, are takingam being taken,Is being taken,are being taken
Present perfectHas taken, have taken Has been taken, have been taken
Simple past took was taken, were taken
Past continuous was taking, were taking was being taken, were being taken
Past perfect had taken had been taken
Simple futureshall take, will take shall be taken, will be taken
Can /May/ must, etc + base can take or must takecan be taken, must be taken

The active voice is used when the agent is to be made prominent: the passive voice is used when the person or the thing acted upon is to be made prominent.

When the verb is changed from active to passive voice, the object of the transitive verb in the active voice becomes the subject of the verb in the passive voice.
Only transitive verb can be used in the passive voice, because an intransitive verb has no object.


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